Jennifer Garner Says NO to Her Daughter Violet Joining Instagram


Jennifer Garner appeared on the latest episode of Next Question with Katie Couric to talk about her three children — Violet, 13, Seraphina, 10, and Samuel, 7, and how she raises them while being in the public eye.

Jennifer Garner Says NO to Her Daughter Violet Joining Instagram
Jennifer Garner and her daughter Violet Affleck

The actress shares her children with ex Ben Affleck. She ensures that their childhood stays safe and enjoyable by keeping track of what they see on the Internet. This includes preventing Violet from joining the social media platform.

On the podcast, she expressed her worries regarding the pressures of the Internet and the social media on all children, even those whose parents are not well known. She also mentioned that her daughter goes to an all-girls school, which comes with additional pressures.

Violet has spoken to her mother about joining Instagram. Garner’s Instagram account has been very successful, but it makes the actress present the opposite of what she wants for her children.

Garner has not seen anything positive for young girls on Instagram. She says that when studies show that teenage girls become happier when using Instagram than not, then she may change her mind.

Garner admits that while being on social media gives her a feeling of connectedness, she has also said that she initially joined Instagram begrudgingly. 


She launched her Instagram account as a part of Once Upon a Farm, her organic baby food company. While she did not want to join the platform, she understood that getting a social media presence is important for her company. Some companies have offered to handle her social media account, but she refused the offers. She has handled her account in her style.

Apart from regulating her children’s internet activities, Garner also said that Violet has been experimenting with makeup. 

Meanwhile, Garner said that while her daughter loved to explore makeup options, she had been checking in with her mother if it was ok to keep it on or not.

Jennifer Garner knows the trouble of being an adolescent well. She also understands that her career makes her daughter’s relationship with makeup more difficult. The actress worries about the two versions of her that her children see, the actress who has her makeup and hair done and the mother who they see most of the time.

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