Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara are Couple Goals


In addition to the glitz and glamor, love was definitely in the air at the 92nd Oscars. There were many couples who graced the occasion but none could catch the attention of many the way Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara did from the moment they stepped into the red carpet to the actor winning the Best Actor award for his role in Joker.

Phoenix and Mara didn’t only look and happy but they also looked incredibly head over heels in love with each other. They both arrived at the 92nd Academy Awards and in fact, it was the first time that they attended the Oscars together as a couple. They had their big moment at the red carpet as they posed in front of the flashing cameras. They didn’t mind being too close to each other and putting their love on display for everybody to see.

The couple sat next to each other during the show and when Phoenix’s name was announced as the winner for the Best Actor category, Mara cheered him on. The Joker went up the stage and delivered an inspiring speech on being the voice of the voiceless. He got teary-eyed somewhere along with his speech but he definitely owned that stage.

The cutest moment of the couple happened right after the ceremony. They went to Monty’s Good Burger in L.A. to celebrate his victory. The restaurant is famous for its plant-based menu. Photographer Greg Williams took a snap of the lovely couple who were still dressed in the Oscars attire, as they eat their vegan burgers. Williams shared this cute photo of Phoenix and Mara and shared it in social media. It only proved that the couple sure knows how to celebrate an Oscars after-party in their own little way.


Phoenix and Mara first sparked dating rumors in 2017 but back then, they never really let the public know about their love life. They first met while working together in the movie Her in 2013. However, things changed during the award season as they were often seen together in the different ceremonies.

Last month, they were together at the 2020 Golden Globes. All eyes were on them as Mara made her way confidently through the throng of photographers while Phoenix watched in admiration.

That’s not all because when Joaquin Phoenix accepted his trophy for winning Best Actor, he choked up while saying “I love you” to his rumored fiancé.

As was reported before, Joaquin Phoenix praised Heath Ledger in his SAG Awards 2020 speech.