John Legend Shares His “Legendary” Fried Chicken Recipe You Can Cook at Home


More and more celebrities are sharing their love for food and how they enjoy cooking them, too! John Legend shared his “legendary” fried chicken recipe on Wednesday, January 8. In a video published on his wife’s food website, the singer finally put out his “secret recipe,” and it sounds pretty delicious.

John Legend Recipe Chicken
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His wife Chrissy Teigen was very supportive of his cooking skills as she tweeted some thoughts about it. On the video description on her site, she said that John is known to show off his mac & cheese and fried chicken. Personally, Chrissy loves her husband’s mac & cheese more but admits the fried chicken is also pretty good. She even joked that hopefully, her husband is not reading it. 

Chrissy shared that her husband has been making fried chicken forever, but she convinced him to let the recipe out now because of the football season. The 34-year-old Bring the Funny judge said that the recipe can be enjoyed during games on Sundays and Mondays and is also possible for whatever game is on.

In the video, which lasts for almost 5 minutes, the 40-year-old singer shared that he is usually the sous chef of his wife. Moreover, he also shared that his wife takes over the kitchen from time to time to mix up some Southern dishes.

For the fried chicken, Legend started by brining the meat in with a simple combination of Lawry’s seasoning salt, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper. After brining the chicken for three hours, Legend breaded and fried the chicken. For the breading, it is also a combination that features flour, cayenne pepper, and Lawry’s seasoning salt.


The Voice coach shared his thought on the usual buttermilk and eggs on fried chicken. He said that his recipe worked with just the flour and the seasoning. He even jokingly acknowledged his winnings on fried chicken cook-offs because of that recipe.

The fried chicken recipe is a staple in the couple’s humble home. The recipe is also a big hit for their 3-year-old Luna and 19-moths-old Miles. Just last month, during a family vacation to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the kids showed off a charming fried chicken party dance to show their love for the dish.