Justin Bieber and ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ Featured in His 2011 Documentary Reunites


Hailey Baldwin may be Justin Bieber’s official ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ but for the past decade, he had another named Lynsey Mickolas, his super-fan.

In the final episode of his docu-series on YouTube entitled Seasons, the 25-year-old singer reunites with Lynsey Mickolas 10 years after the serenade with “One Less Lonely Girl” on stage during his concert in New York City’s Madison Square Garden last August 31, 2010. That moment appeared in his first documentary, 2011’s Never Say Never.

The episode started with Mickolas introducing herself in front of the camera as a forensic chemist living in Virginia and recalls the moment when she was brought on stage by Allison Kay, Bieber’s manager. Mickolas shared that she doesn’t remember everything from that very moment because everything just happened very fas and she was highly overwhelmed.

On the other hand, Bieber is captured preparing to surprise Mickolas during her interview. The Yummy singer shared that he is nervous and she has no idea he was even there.

As the super-fan was talking about how much she loves the 2015 album of Bieber, Purpose, he comes up behind her and agrees with her. The two hugged each other before watching the clip in 2010 where they shared the stage together. Bieber talked about how adorable they were and they were so young on the video.

The episode resumes with Bieber’s wife, Hailey, saying that it had been two years since she and Bieber dated at the time when they decided to get back together. The 23-year-old star shared that they both learned about each other all over again. She added that they both grew up, things were different and it was interesting to get to know each other again and better. She continues to say that you never stop getting to know someone better even after getting married and it’s a fun thing that she hopes will never stop.


A few moments later, the loving wife joins her husband at an ice skating rink to watch the singer play hockey with his old friends and some other players on the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Bieber’s series also features interviews from his famous friends and collaborators including DJ Khaled, Big Sean, and Billie Eilish. In previous episodes of Seasons Justin has shared some very personal insights about his life struggles.