Justin Bieber Got Exotic Cats and PETA Isn’t Happy


Justin Bieber made headlines when he tied the knot with Hailey but now he’s  back in the limelight after slamming PETA for criticizing him for buying exotic cats instead of adopting rescues from local animal shelters.

The newlywed couple got two exotic Savannah kittens for $35,000. They named them Sushi and Tuna. The two cats happened to be siblings, too. While it’s normal for celebrities to buy whatever pet they want, it seems PETA was very disappointed at his choice.

Lisa Lange, Senior Vice President of PETA, said that the pop superstar could inspire his fans around the world by saving an animal’s life simply by adopting a cat from a local shelter. She said that his action only fuelled demands for hybrid cats which in return contributes to animal overpopulation. She added that as far as helping animals is concerned, Bieber’s stance is ‘I don’t care”.

Bieber fired back by posting on his Instagram on Friday morning. He told the animal rights organization to “suck it”. 

In addition, he wrote in another post that PETA should focus on real problems such as poaching and animal brutality. He said that the organization is pissed because he wanted a specific kind of cat when in fact he also got a dog named Oscar who wasn’t a rescue either. Moreover, he said that he believes in adopting rescues but also insists on having preferences.

He concluded by saying that PETA should help with the plastic found in the ocean and to leave his beautiful cats alone.

But what makes these cats so expensive? The Savannah is actually a cross between a domestic cat and a wild cat, serval. It can weigh as much as 13 kilograms. It turned out that these cats are legally restricted in several states in the US except in California, Tennessee, Illinois and South Carolina.


Bieber got his cats from a breeder based in Illinois just before their wedding. He refers to them as his “children”. In fact, he already launched his cats’ Instagram called kittysushiandtuna and it has already gained more than 120k followers.

It turned out that Bieber doesn’t really have a good track record when it comes to animals. He gave away his hamster to fan while signing autographs in 2012 and later gave his dog to his dancer because he was too busy to look after it.

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