Justin Bieber Shares Insights He Learned from His Struggles in Life


Justin Bieber won’t let his past hinder his future.

The singer appeared with his wife Hailey Bieber, his manager Scooter Braun and other members of his closest circle in an episode of his YouTube docu-series. With his series entitled “The Dark Season”, he talked honestly on his journey to being better and regaining his mental, spiritual and physical health after years of confusion. Here are some insights he shared:

On Drug Addiction

The pop star shared that he was 13 years old when he first smoked marijuana and became dependent on it in his teenage years. It progressed to more serious substances such as lean, popping pills, Molly and shrooms. Bieber described the substances as his escape and he’s one of those people who grew up experimenting things. The singer added that his experience is on a different level with his exposure to camera and money.

On the Impact of His Uneasy Childhood

Looking back, the 25-year-old singer blamed his upbringing and the behavior he showed in 2013 and 2014. He was involved in multiple assault, vandalism and DUI arrests. He shared that he was valuing the wrong things in the industry because he was focusing on other things that distracted him. He was the kind of person who had what made him happy and never really understood the security he could find in a family. He also shared that he never had consistency, reliability, and accountability.

On His Breaking Point and Reconnection with His Wife

Bieber shared that it wasn’t until he felt like dying that he decided to get clean. He looked back on a terrible moment in his life where he revealed that his security involved going into his room at night to check his pulse. He added that there were times when popping pills and smoking were his first chore when he woke up in the morning and everything got crazy. His wife, Hailey, didn’t get involved in Justin’s personal life until he chose to be sober.

On Having  Better Mental Health

It’s not new that the Baby singer has struggled with anxiety and depression, but the extent to which he’s treating it may surprise some people especially his fans. Besides from taking anti-depressants,  he shared that he was relying on hyperbaric oxygen therapy to relieve stress. The singer has an oxygen chamber that he utilizes both at home and in the studio. He is also closely working with Dr. Daniel Amen, a brain disorder specialist who was also featured in the episode.

On Fighting Lyme Disease and Another Devastating Diagnosis

With his decreasing energy levels, the singer shared that he underwent a series of extensive tests in 2019 which revealed him having Lyme disease and Epstein-barr, a virus associated with mono. Cameras were all around him as he underwent NAD IV therapy. Bieber shared that he is committed to getting better and doing whatever he needed to do. He shared that being the best version of himself will also make him the best husband, best father, and best friend. He also wanted to be better for his fans who enjoy the music that he delivered.

On His Message for Those Who Undergoes the Same Page as Him

The singer knows that he’s not alone on this journey. The struggles he faced were experienced by others out there in the world. He wants others to know that life throws different things we can’t control and you’ll be disappointed and discouraged. For the pop star, those feelings will just be feelings at the end of the day and it’s always our choice to still put effort and passion on the things we do. Getting out of bed may be an easy task, but at some point, it was a hard thing for the singer. He added that on this kind of journey, there will be people who will go with you and pushing forward is the best thing to do.


It’s not Justin’s first confession though. As reported before, after working out his album, Justin Bieber expressed his gratitude regarding how far he had gotten, during his album listening party.