Justin Bieber Shaves His Mustache After the Internet Begged Him


The fans asked and Justin Bieber delivered by finally saying goodbye to his mustache!

After the internet begging the singer to shave his mustache, it seems like Justin finally listened to his fans. On Sunday, the 25-year-old ‘Yummy’ singer revealed his freshly shaved face on social media. The singer declared to his 127 million followers on Instagram that he finally shaved by posting a selfie which showed off his new look.  He captioned his image “Baby face BIEB” which was quite a gesture to his fans begging him to shave.

Last month, Bieber’s fans joined together for one mission, and that is to get the singer to say goodbye to his mustache. A follower expressed that she loves Justin but pleads the singer to shave. Another follower said the same thing and many more did so.  This isn’t the first time that his fans distaste his mustache. At first, Justin had nothing to say to his mustache naysayers and it looked like it was there to stay. He also kept his look for his episode on the Late Late Show segment with James Corden and teased the host that he’d be teaming up with the Cats star once again. Justin also took to his Instagram some first look footages at their Yummy Food Truck as he smiles with his mustache still on.

For those who were thinking that the singer is just doing a trick with Photoshop, he had the receipts to silence them down. In one of his videos on Instagram Stories, the singer took his shaver and went HAM on his facial hair. Within seconds, you can see his hair falling off and soon revealed a baby’s skin.

Well, it’s crystal clear that his wife, Hailey Bieber is also a big fan of his new look. She even commented on his husband’s post along with the heart-eyes emoji.


Just like the title of his most recent album, Changes, it’s definitely a new time for the singer. In fact, his song “Forever” which was a collaboration with Clever and Post Malone, reflects the different transformations he had to go through in life.  

With his new album taking on higher racks and with his new look, Justin is living his best life!