Kanye West’s Most Lavish Gifts for Kim Kardashian


Talking about gifts, Kanye West has a sharp mind on that one.

On Sunday, Kim Kardashian shared a photo on Twitter of the latest gift she had from her husband.

Kanye again, splurged the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star a vintage Cartier necklace. For everyone’s information, it wasn’t just any necklace because it has a “stronger” star engraved on it. Moreover, it also contains a sweet message from the pair’s text conversation.

Kim shared that if you would look really close, you can see a text from Kanye. The message stated how dreams come true for Kim. She is married with four kids, got people out of jail, became the cover of Vogue and goes to church with her family every week.

We all know that it wasn’t the first time that Kanye surprised his love with an exceptional gift. Let’s take a look back on those lavish gifts:

The engagement ring and proposal

For an engagement ring, Kanye went all in for his lady. He gave her a 15-carat ring with an estimated retail value of $3 million. The ring was designed by Lorraine Schwartz. Furthermore, he rented out AT&T Park in San Francisco for an elaborate proposal. He wrote his proposal message on the scoreboard and had a 50-person orchestra to play the music.

Valentine’s Day love

In 2014, Valentine’s Day, Kanye sent Kim 1,000 roses as they attended a concert stop in Baltimore. Three years later, he still managed to surprise her with a giant wall of white roses and orchids. 

Cartier bracelets

Diamond Cartier bracelets with all having a recurring theme: the panther, is what another thing that Kanye gave Kim. The gold one is estimated to be $35,000 and the other one costs approximately $88,000.

The Birkin

With her love for fashion, Kim received a hand-painted Hermes Birkin Bag by renowned artist George Condo. It was another lavish gift that she received from Kanye.

Celebrating Mother’s Day

In 2014, Kanye showed his love for Kim as she gifted her a giant flower wall as a celebration of Mother’s day. A few years later, he hired a group of cellists and violinists that performed a mini-concert in their own living room.

A Christmas surprise

Kanye is an absolute stunner as she brought her 150 gifts for Christmas. Some of these 150 gifts included a Louis Vuitton dress and Prada jumpsuit. In 2017, Kanye gave Kim stock to Amazon, Netflix, and Disney. She also got free stuffed animals and gift cards from it.

The Mercedes

Kanye also gifted her with a 2018 Mercedes G550 4×4 SUV. According to the USA website of Mercedes Benz, the car costs about $227,300.


A romantic serenade

Kanye is always the sweetest. During Valentine’s Day 2019, Kanye asked Kenny G to serenade his love in a room full of roses. Kim even tweeted about it and it reflected on how happy and shocked she was.

Don’t we all wish we have a Kanye West in our lives?