Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom Prepare for Parenthood


Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are soon to be parents! It’s going to be a first for the singer and the second for the actor who already shares a child with his ex-wife, Miranda Kerr.

Who could forget Perry’s baby reveal? She dropped the good news after her music video for Never Worn White was released. She confirmed through an Instagram post that yes, she is indeed pregnant.

The couple had been together since 2017 and they were hoping to get married in Japan this year. However, they have to postpone their wedding plans for a while due to coronavirus.

The 35-year-old singer has always wanted a baby. In fact, they both wanted to have one. Now that the baby’s on the way, many are wondering how Perry and Bloom prepare for it.

Luckily for the songstress, she’s been getting ideas from Kerr for the last four years. The two are friends and as Bloom’s fiancé, she’s been a part of Flynn’s co-parenting team. It’s obvious that the mom-to-be really has her heart set to being a mother not only to their soon-to-be baby but also to Flynn.

One time, she showed up at the boy’s school play as well as in other activities. He likes performing just like his father. Perry has always been there whenever she could to support Flynn and cheer him on. He is also a part of his life as much as he is a part of hers.

Perry, Bloom, and Flynn also traveled together to Japan and Aspen. They like doing fun things together such as going to the movies or to some amusement parks. They’re actually starting to imagine all the fun things that they will be doing once their baby arrives.

As far as parenting guidance is concerned, there’s always her older sister, Angela Hudson, whom she was very hands-on during her births to her daughters. In 2014, she introduced herself as a Stylist Auntie on Twitter after giving her niece a mini Chanel.


Further, many in her circle of friends are already parents and she knows she can count on them if she has any questions.

To Katy Perry, it doesn’t really matter if the baby comes first before she and Bloom tie the knot. What’s important is she already found her soulmate.