Katy Perry Tells How Mom Ruins Pregnancy Reveal


Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are going to be parents! They pulled off a one of a kind pregnancy reveal on Thursday during the release of the singer’s latest music video for her latest single, “Never Worn White”.

Contrary to their ultimate reveal for fans and friends, their pregnancy announcement to their family didn’t go as smoothly. And who was to blame for it? None other than Katie’s mom. So how did it happen?

According to the singer, she put the news on a bespoke wine label. She would bring it to a family dinner or give it as a present to their friends and upon looking at the label would get their reaction later.

Unfortunately, the couple never got the chance to show off their label because her mom found out. Katy said her mom came over and looked at the wine, which she never does, and asked what it was. From there, one can tell what happened next.

Was Katy upset? Her mom ruined the reveal but she said she acted on mother’s intuition. She also said that her pregnancy wasn’t an accident because she and Orlando planned it out for a long time. She said they’re both looking forward to this new interval in their lives and being able to share it.

Meanwhile, Orlando has been very open about having a child again. He shares a nine-year-old son named Flynn with his ex-wife, supermodel Miranda Kerr.

Katy took to Instagram to announce that she also plans on making new music so it’s like hitting two birds with one stone come summer.


The couple got engaged last year and pledges to be there for each other in sickness and in health. They planned on having their wedding in Japan but since coronavirus is spreading all over the world, Katy and Orlando are putting their wedding plans on hold. Katy wanted to have their wedding in Japan and in fact, it’s already up in the air but things can still change. They may consider tying the knot in the US instead.

What’s important right now is Katy Perry’s health, especially her pregnancy. She’s now approximately five months on the way.