Kim Kardashian Posts Heartwarming Birthday Message to Allison Statter


Last Sunday morning, Kim Kardashian posted an early Instagram message for her long-time best friend Allison Statter for her 40th birthday

The 39-year-old socialite wishes a happy birthday to her best friend as she posted a throwback photo in black and white with Allison. The photo was taken way back in 1996 in Paris with Allison’s family. According to Kardashian, they have kept a diary about their trip and it brings her a lot of wonderful memories as she reminisced the past.

The famous social influencer wishes a wonderful 40th birthday to Allison saying that she is her best friend. She considered herself lucky to have Allison all through her life and admitted that they have been through a lot. She also told Allison how proud she is of Allison as a mom and complimented her of her business and how she makes everything looks so easy. Kardashian also said that Allison is her most loyal friend and conveys her deep love for Allison.

Allison Statter is a daughter of a music executive, Irving Azoff.  Azoff has managed several big stars including Christina Aguilera, Journey, and the Eagles. Likewise, he was the CEO of Ticketmaster and a chairman of live nation.

Kardashian and Statter have known each other since elementary and have spent remarkable memories together. Statter was often spotted on Kardashian’s life highlights including her baby shower and engagement. However, Statter as what Kim would say is rather camera shy and is not often on the limelight despite her wide connections with a number of famous celebrities.

A few years ago, Statter said that she does not consider Kim as someone famous. For her Kim is Kim and she does not go gaga about having a famous friend Kim. Statter would sometimes tease Kim saying she knows a lot of her secret. However, amidst this, Statter is considered a sister keeper saying that she would not tell any of these secrets which made their friendship even stronger.


Recently, Kim Kardashian showed her walk-in refrigerator full of fruits and vegetables after she received a number of hate comments questioning how she can be able to feed her children. According to Kim, who also struggled with weight gain, since people are dying to know how her children can eat, she showed them how full their main fridge is. After her refrigerator show, she made a full tour of their wide pantry.