Kim Kardashian West’s Creamy Velvet Gown Reminds Fans of the West’s Christmas Gift Wrapping


Kim Kardashian West wore a creamy velvet gown to her husband Kanye West’s Sunday Service opera held last Sunday in New York City. The 39-year-old reality star wore the mock neck dress that features left long sleeve and a very high slit which she paired with thigh-high strappy gladiator sandals and oval sunglasses.

The form-fitting dress highlighted her sexy figure but the monochromatic ensemble reminded fans of the West’s Christmas holiday wrapping which became viral after Kim posted photos of them on her Instagram Story two days before her appearance.

Instead of wrapping their Christmas presents with the usual wrapping pair with pictures of Santa Claus, snowmen, candy canes, and reindeer, the SKIMS owner opted for a more eco-friendly gift wrapping idea.

The mother of four posted a photo of gifts wrapped in cloth coverings in beige which made many people wonder why. She said that every year, each family member gets to pick a color and vibe so that they may know who gave the presents and this year, the West family chose creamy velvet. A fan even asked if the children’s presents were also wrapped in the same velvet fabric.

In addition, she also adorned their house with monochromatic trees and other abstract designs. The trees themselves were custom-made from soft, plush fabric which they used during the Christmas Eve party she hosted last year.

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Meanwhile, Kanye West’s opera service at New York City’s Lincoln Center was attended by several celebrities including Bradley Cooper and Dave Chappelle who were seated on the front row. In fact, they’re not the only ones who are enjoying the rapper’s spiritual Sunday event because, in September, actor Brad Pitt also joined him and his family in Watts, California.


Pitt referred to the whole experience as special and that it was a pure celebration of life and people. He added that it was really delightful. Kanye himself has always been a fan of Pitt and has great respect for the star. They’ve been friends for a while and they have common respect for each other. The rapper was pleased that Pitt joined them and said he was happy to see him there.