Kris Jenner Says THIS is Her Biggest Accomplishment


Kris Jenner knows the power of media more than any mother out there. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and matriarch has created a platform where she and her family can interact with millions of fans every single day. They share everything from personal news to promoting their businesses.

But when they were just starting, Kris learned that things were different online. This made her gain first-hand experience on how to deal with the challenges of social media.

Based on the latest podcast of In Charge with DVF, Kris said that now is a different generation and age that we are living in because the whole world is opened up to social media. She talked about the fact that there was barely Twitter when the show was just starting. She added that they have a bigger audience today but as a result, there’s more criticism. Her advice is to just learn to live as honestly as possible while keeping your eye on the road at the same time.

Jenner also reminds her children not to be distracted by all the negativity and bad energy from the different social media platforms. Instead, she tells them to go for the good and staying true to who they are. Everything else will fall into place. She added that she told her kids not to go on the internet for a while when they first started their reality show.

So what is the reality star’s biggest accomplishment so far? They already have a long-running reality TV show and businesses that are raking in billions of dollars but impressively enough, Jenner said that her biggest accomplishment is being a mother.

According to her, she’d like to be known first and foremost as a mom. She wants people to see her as a mom because, for her, that’s her greatest accomplishment and one that she is proudest of.


Meanwhile, she was also questioned about what she wants people to remember her as and her answer was focused on family. To be specific, she wants to be remembered as a great mom and grandmother and being a good individual who tries to do good things. She added that she just wants to be happy and be with the people she loves and stay healthy at the same time.