Kristen Stewart’s Character in Charlie’s Angels is Gay


Elizabeth Banks confirmed that Kristen Stewart‘s character in the incoming “Charlie’s Angels” reboot would be “definitely gay”.

Charlie’s Angels 2019 Reboot

Banks, the producer, film writer, and director of the said film confirmed that queer actress Kristen Stewart’s character is gay. According to her, the Twilight actress told her that she wanted to be gay on the said movie and that Banks just granted the actress’ wish. She also added that she just wanted to make sure that Stewart would be able to present a character that she chose herself.

According to Banks, there was even a scene wherein Stewart portrayed herself as queer when she flirts with another woman.

It was contrary to Bank’s previous statement in September where she mentioned that she did not want to put any label on the sexuality of Sabina Wilson, the character portrayed by the actress.

She mentioned that she felt there was a label that fitted her. What was important was to not label it as anything. She added that it’s fine if the media wants to label it because she thinks it’s okay, but she didn’t do that.

This statement stirred up the LGBTQ fans of the most awaited film. The film received dozens of support from the LGBTQ community when they launched the movie’s trailer last June. They even dubbed the film as “Charlie’s Gayngel” as they confirmed Stewart’s participation in the said film.


Stewart admitted that she encountered a lot of trials as a queer actress in Hollywood. She even revealed that she was told to hide her sexuality from the public in order to continue her career. According to her, someone even commented that she can have a Marvel film if she would just stop holding her girlfriend’s hand in public.

Kristen Stewart, 29, would be one of the “Charlie’s Angels” portraying the character of Sabina Wilson, a wild hard-partying member of the group. She would be starring in the film together with Ella Balinska as Jane Kano, a previous military agent from the United Kingdom and Naomi Scott in the character of Elena Houghlin, a scientist from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Together they would join forces and investigate a dangerous technology that is threatening the public.