Kylie and Kris Jenner Give Stormi a Gift that Made Them Cry


Kylie Jenner gave her fans a wonderful treat on Sunday by giving a tour of her extravagant Christmas decorations including a large Christmas tree and polar bear figurines. She posted a holiday-themed vlog starring her 22-month-old daughter, Stormi, whom he shares with ex-boyfriend Travis Scott. The reality star was wearing sequinned reindeer antlers.

However, that wasn’t the highlight of the video. The best part was when grandma Kris surprised Stormi with a beautiful present. The momager gave her adorable granddaughter a beautiful playhouse which was exactly like the one she gave Kylie when she was little. It was the exact replica, including the wooden furniture in it. This made Kylie and her mom very emotional.

Kylie spoke in front of the camera saying that she used to have a similar house when she was her daughter’s age. She confessed that the thought of it made her want to cry.

Meanwhile, Kris told Kylie that it also reminded her of the time when she gave her the same playhouse when she was a baby. She fought back tears as she said I love you to Kylie and hoped that she too will be making memories with her daughter.

That wasn’t the only precious moment seen in the vlog because Stormi’s eagerness to play with her new toy was very delightful. She looked so blown away by the playhouse’s amenities and couldn’t wait to play with the furniture, kitchen set and the vanity table.

Kylie told her that it was her furniture when she was her age as the little girl continued to explore the playhouse. Kris pointed to the bed where Kylie used to put her baby dolls in. She also told Stormi she could do her makeup in front of the mirror, adding that they should give her some Lip Kits.


Every year, the Kardashian-Jenner family conducts an epic Christmas Eve party. Last year, Kim Kardashian was the host and or this year, their family friend Jonathan Cheban, also referred to as Foodgod, hinted that the family matriarch will be hosting the event. He added that he loves it whenever Kris hosts the celebration because she is like Santa Claus.