Latina Border Patrol Officer ‘ICE Bae’ is taking social media by storm


A female Latina border patrol officer ICE Bae is becoming a new social media sensation. Kiara Cervante was pictured together with the US vice-president Mike Pence during his border visit recently. And her good looks made her popular overnight.

ICE Bae gets famous overnight

The woman has been named #ICEbae for her hot look, making her probably the most famous border patrol officer in the country. Kiara also created a Twitter account in response to the fame and acquired astonishing 23,000 followers in just over a day.

Her first tweet was “Soooo it’s crazy…. but here I am. I’m hearing something about a viral picture. I would like to say i was just doing my job.. providing security for the visit of @VP. It was an honor and I take a lot of pride in my job!

And a short 18 second video of her wearing a low-cut t-shirt followed on both Twitter and Instagram to prove that she was real.

ICE Bae on Twitter

#IceBae I’ve surrendered bae. Arrest me now‘, one of the followers posted on social media.

If she works for ICE she’s gonna melt the place.‘, another fan tweeted.

ICE bae criticism

Yet, not everyone is happy about Kiara’s fame. Some went as far as calling her “litteral scum” for being a Latina border patrol officer. The criticism is based on assumption that Kiara ‘puts black and brown children in cages’. All because nearly 400 Central Americans are currently detained at the facility Kiara works at. And the recently announced ICE raids are definitely adding heat to the discussion.


‘this country is a mess, we are praising and trending #IceBae when she is literally a guard at a CONCENTRATION CAMP, guarding CHILDREN IN CAGES, RIPPING FAMILIES APART AT THE BORDER. you’re all sick, honestly.’ a user tweeted, slamming ICE bae’s fame.

Well, no matter what anyone says or which side you are on, don’t think that anyone can deny ICE bay being extremely attractive. And while the whole issue is extremely controversial, it looks like Kiara is being honest when saying, that she loves protecting her country.