Laurel Or Yanny? How A High School Student Divided The Internet


It’s been a while since the optical illusions have been dividing the internet users into two groups. It all has gone viral with the meltdown over the color of the dress, posted online in 2015. Now the audio recording has people questioning their hearing and the hearing of their family members and workmates.

The main question is: “Laurel or Yanny?”

It all has started with a simple Reddit post by a high student Roland Szabo from Lawrenceville, GA. Roland mentioned that he has been working on a hight school audio project and recorded the voice from a vocabulary website. And just like that people around him started disagreeing, which word was it.

So what do you hear?

The post has really gone viral when Cloe Feldman has posted it on Twitter. Since then, thousands of people worldwide are arguing whether it is “Laurel or Yanny” that the voice is saying.

The New York Times created a tool which explains what exactly is going on and why different people hear different words pronounced. It accentuates different frequencies in the original clip which helps you hear both.