Macaulay Culkin Opens Up About Michael Jackson in Interview


Macaulay Culkin and Michael Jackson were very close. And now 15 years since the last time the actor saw the King of Pop in person, he recalled some of his memorable moments with him through an interview with Esquire.

The Home Alone blockbuster child actor said that he last saw Jackson during the performer’s trial in 2005 which he was also acquitted. According to Culkin, they bumped into each other in the bathroom while his testimony was still in recess.

Jackson even told him that they shouldn’t talk because he didn’t want to influence his testimony. The two laughed a little at this and then hugged each other. Four years later, Jackson passed away.

There were allegations against the pop star and some of which were even showcased in Leaving Neverland, a 2018 documentary. Culkin emphasized that he never encountered any alleged sexual abuse from the late celebrity.

During his interview, Culkin told Esquire that he was going to begin by saying the truth and that is Jackson never did anything to him. He added that he never saw the King of Pop did anything. He also reasoned out that during this time, which to him as a flashpoint of what happened before, he confirmed that he had nothing to hold back. Jackson has already passed on. If anything now is a good time for him to say something and if there’s anything he wanted the public to know, he would do it but he insisted that he never saw anything. He stood by his word that Jackson never did anything.

So how’s Culkin’s life at the present? It seems that the Golden Globe nominee is back in making movies with his latest, Changeland. He is also busy with his lifestyle website and podcast which he calls Bunny Ears. Moreover, he’s on his way to becoming a father.


According to him, nothing turns a man on than having his girl come into the room and says she’s ovulating. He and his girlfriend Brenda Song are figuring out how to get the right timing.

The 39-year-old actor admitted that his life sucked but it could’ve been worse. Despite his hardships, family problems, and struggles that childhood fame brought with it, he still had it better than others. Macaulay Culkin said he has money fame, a house, a beautiful girlfriend, and his animals. He told himself that it’s not so bad and he’s good with everything he has.