Mad About You Star Helen Hunt Rushed to Hospital After Being Involved in Car Accident


Helen Hunt, 56, was rushed to the hospital on Wednesday afternoon after she was involved in a car accident. She was briefly hospitalized after suffering from minor injuries following the crash that happened at the Mid-City area in Los Angeles at the corner of Tremaine Avenue and San Vicente.

Mad About You Star Helen Hunt Rushed to Hospital After Being Involved in Car Accident
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A spokesperson of the Los Angeles Police Department told PEOPLE that Hunt was among the victims who were taken to a local hospital. The police conducted their investigation to determine if there was any crime committed during the traffic incident and so far, the result is negative.

The Mad About You actress was brought to the hospital for examination but later that evening, the doctors released her.

Meanwhile, TMZ showed video footage of the car accident. It showed that another vehicle at the last moment T-boned her black SUV as she was attempting to drive through an intersection. Her SUV rolled over on its side upon impact. It was discovered that she wasn’t driving her SUV but instead, she was sitting at the backseat of the car.

Hunt is a multi-awarded actress who rose to stardom for her role as Jamie Stemple Buchman in Mad About You, an NBC sitcom that ran from 1992 to 1999. Hunt took home four Emmys during the course of the series.

Meanwhile, she also appeared in several hit movies like Twister in 1996 and What Women Want in 2000. She also appeared on the miniseries called World on Fire by BBC One.


At present, she is filming a reboot of the series, Mad About You, for a limited time only. She will be playing her role alongside her original partner, Paul Reiser. The actress felt very happy about it because this was something she was very hopeful about doing since April.

Helen Hunt told PEOPLE it’s a dream come true. According to her, she remained close friends with her co-star, Reiser. She added they have lunch once a month regardless if there would be a reboot or not. She also said that they enjoy each other’s company and care for each other.