Makeup Free Selena Gomez Selfie Gets 8.4 Million Likes


Fans went crazy over a makeup free Selena Gomez selfie which took Instagram by storm on Tuesday.  The Latina songstress posted a selfie that showed her without any trace of makeup.

The Makeup Free Image Gone Viral

The picture features a bleary-eyed Gomez wrapped in a grey blanket. The photo looked like it was filtered using the Huji app, giving it a charming vintage film look into it. She wasn’t shy with all her skin blemishes and under-eye bags. Her hair was messy, too. She captioned the photo, “Me, all the time.”

Переглянути цей допис в Instagram

Me, all the time

Допис, поширений Selena Gomez (@selenagomez)

At present, the photo has been like for more than 8.4 million times already and the number continues to rise. Many fans praised her natural beauty as well as her honesty on social media. Many fan speculated that this was her way of expressing her feelings towards her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber’s  wedding to Hailey Baldwin but many others were wondering if she was only sharing her love for being makeup-free and of course, napping.

Anyway, Gomez joined the trend of celebrities posting unedited pictures of themselves on social media. Last month Demi Lovato surprised her fans by posting an unedited cellulite photo on Instagram and got tons of compliments. And given the backlash on Khloe Kardashian’s retouched selfie, it is safe to assume that celebrity fans long to see more real of the photos nowadays.

Is Selena Gomez Coming Out of Depression?

There were also some who speculated that Gomez’ recent selfie was her way of posting about her depression or fight against lupus. She was very open about her condition in 2015 and it was in 2017 when she finally had a kidney transplant to help treat her autoimmune disease.


Gomez has 157 million Instagram followers and she ranks fourth among the most-followed people on the platform just behind Dwayne Johnson, Ariana Grande and Cristiano Ronaldo. Her photos are well-liked by her followers but this makeup-free selfie outranked her other posts. She also garnered around 8.7 million likes for her selfie with Anna Collins and 7.1 million likes for her selfie with her dog Winnie.

An E! source revealed that Selena is focused on relaxing and spending time with herself. She had a transformative year. The source added that she is feeling more stable and healthy and her overall health has improved a lot. She also wants to keep a low-key lifestyle and focus more on her health, friends and family. In addition, she’s planning on releasing new music.

This new Selena Gomez selfie is just proof that she’s on the right track.