Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd are Expecting a Baby Boy!


Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd’s lives are about to change with the coming of the latest addition to their family – a baby boy! The country power couple shared the exciting news by posting photos on social media on Tuesday.

Romantic maternity photos were posted by the country singers, displaying the 29-year-old star’s growing baby bump in social media, letting everybody know how excited they are that someone special is coming into their lives. Hurd himself shared the news with his Twitter followers where he gushed over Morris, telling fans to look at her pregnant wife. He also wrote about seeing his baby in March.

Morris even remarked that after the ‘GIRL’ era and headspace, things were finally going to be balanced out since a baby boy is coming to join them soon. However, prior to the maternity photos, Morris did a Playboy photo-shoot where she candidly shared about her relationship with her husband Ryan Hurd who, according to Maren, is a feminist.

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The songstress added that Hurd had been very supportive and accepting and she deeply appreciates being with someone who is proud of her and would stand with her against the patriarchal ideals present in the industry that the couple belongs to. According to Morris, her journey as a wife had a great impact since it helped her deal and figure out her life as a strong and independent woman.


In November 2018, the female country singer joked on social media that she wanted to get pregnant by Hurd. She posted a picture of them together with the caption saying that she wanted to have Hurd’s babies. This post blew the minds of their fans and they didn’t realize it was all coming true.

The couple tied the knot on March 2018 and according to Hurd’s twitter post, their little bundle of joy will be joining them in March 2020 so it looks like a double celebration is in order.  

Presently, Maren Morris and her husband are just so excited for 2020 to come where they can celebrate the longevity of their married life as well as the growth of their young family. There is nothing more thrilling for the couple than to become first-time parents. Congratulations to you both!

Earlier this month, another celebrity Miranda Kerr gave birth to a baby boy.