Mean Girls Day: A Guide To Celebrate October 3rd


Can you believe it’s been more than 15 years since Mean Girls premiered? Well, we still believe that this movie is just like good wine – it gets better with age. And although you might not get a day off at work, it is still worth celebrating the Mean Girls Day. And if you do it, do it properly!

What and when is Mean Girls Day?

Mean Girls Day is celebrated on October 3rd by the movie fans throughout the world. It all has started on social media couple of years ago and it has become a big deal since.

The date is not selected randomly though. It is taken from one of the most famous lines in the movie. Sitting in class Aaron Samuels (Jonathan Bennett) asks Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) what day it was. She then answers: “October 3rd”. And so it all began.

A Mean Girls Day Celebration Guide

You know it is a Mean Girls Day, so what now? Celebrate and do it right. No matter where you are, if you are a true Mean Girls fan, it is your time to shine.


Watch The Movie

What is so amazing about the movie, is that it just doesn’t tire you. Have you seen it gazillion times? Perfect, make it ‘plus one’. It is like watching Home Alone on Christmas, you just do it.

And if you haven’t seen it yet, this is your time. There is no better day than a Mean Girls Day to watch Mean Girls for the first time.

Wear Pink

Well, this might not be relevant for everyone, but if you can, do it. Even though mean girls wore pink on Wednesdays, it is still the official color of the movie, so wearing it will definitely add up to your mood.

What if you don’t have pink clothes though? It is simple, get in the car and go shopping.

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Get Cheese Fries

It is no secret that Regina George (Rachel McAdams) likes cheese fries. And to get a plate of this deliciousness might be a good idea on this day. Just don’t go too heavy on those and remember that you still need to fit into your favorite pink shirt.

Whatever, I'm Getting Cheese Fries | Mean Girls

Make Fetch Happen

There is no need to describe what it is. Whatever you do this day, make sure you make the Fetch happen.

Interestingly, there are multiple events happening in London, UK on this day, and one of them is called ‘So Fetch’, which is a themed afternoon tea party. How awesome is that?


Go Somewhere You Don’t Belong

The only purpose for that is so that someone can scream at you “she doesn’t even go here“! If you don’t know, it is another famous line towards the end of the movie.

She Doesn't Even Go Here | Mean Girls

We can go on forever, as Mean Girls is one of the most quoted movies of all times. Yet, it is up to you how to celebrate the day.

The only question is: do we really need to wait for entire year to have an excuse to watch the movie?