Michael Jackson’s Youngest Son is Now a Grown Up


Who can ever forget Blanket Jackson? On November 19, 2002, Michael Jackson carried Prince Michael Jackson II, to the balcony of their suite at the Adlin Hotel, Berlin. He held his then nine-month-old son over the railing to show him off to the bewildered fans cheering outside as a swarm of paparazzi struggled to take pictures of the icon’s third child. A towel was cast upon the baby’s face the whole time.

Jackson may have envisioned a Lion King moment proudly for a few seconds, but that one queer incident lit the fire of outraged headlines and hoarded the temporarily peaceful media as the curiosities had only just begun.

The ever-suspecting media sated their own questions as to Jackson’s parenting style. Only after he passed away in 2009 that ripples of him being a “normal dad” emerged, thanks to the loving memories shared by none other than his two eldest children Prince Jackson (born Michael Joseph Jackson Jr.) and Paris Jackson (born Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson).

Jackson’s youngest, the little baby so fondly remembered by the world as to his queer introduction, is now 18. A few years ago, he ditched the nickname “Blanket” and decided to be called “Bigi”. He loves movies, is “really interested in comics and the comic book world as a whole. He’s also living that typical teenager life, contrary to that “always-in-the-limelight” life people would think he’s living given his familial history.

All three kids were entrusted to the care of Katherine Jackson, their paternal grandmother whom their father had been extremely close to. All kids had been home-schooled when they lived with Jackson at Neverland ranch but were then enrolled in a private school after his death.

He attends high school and has an especially tight bond with his elder brother Prince, though all three siblings are close with each other.


Bigi, then known as Blanket, was only 7 when his father died way back June 25, 2009. It was during the enormous star-studded memorial for Jackson at Los Angeles’ Staples Centre that the whole world truly got an unhindered look at the artist’s children. After this unveiling, Blanket, together with Paris and Prince, would make occasional appearances at events honoring their father as a way of holding on to the fond memory he has left them.

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