Here’s Why You Should Never Mess with Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift continues to grow her squad as more and more celebrities showed their support to the singer after she called out Scooter Braun, music manager and Scott Borchetta, CEO of Big Machine Records. In line with this controversy, friends and celebrities rose to her defense using different social media platforms.

Scooter Braun & Taylor Swift Collage
Scooter Braun & Taylor Swift Collage

Swift, 29, expressed her disappointment in her Instagram Stories by saying that the two men won’t allow her to perform any of her songs from her back catalog during the 2019 American Music Awards which will be held on November 24. According to her, they said that she wasn’t allowed to sing her old songs on TV because it would be like re-recording her music before she’s allowed to do so next year.

In addition, Swift said that the business partners also declined her request of using footage of her older songs and performances in an upcoming documentary on Netflix even though there is no mention of the two or that of Big Machine Records.

The “Lover” songstress revealed that Borchetta, 57, told her team they would allow her to use her old music if she won’t re-record them as she had been planning to do so next year and also if she stopped talking about him and Braun, 38.

Swift insisted that she only wanted to perform her own music and her team tried to work on this privately but failed. She added that her AMA performance, documentary and other recorded events she’s planning on playing until November of next year are questionable.

On the other hand, Big Machine Records insisted that this isn’t true and that they have continued to honor all her requests in terms of licensing her catalog to third parties while she continues to promote her latest album.

Following her post, many celebs spoke out in her defense. Her best friend, Selena Gomez, shared a very strong message on her Instagram Story saying that she has known Swift for 13 years and considered her as a fearless, dedicated and strong woman. She also hoped that Big Machine Records will have a change of heart.


On the other hand, Ciara, who will be hosting this year’s AMA said Swift’s upcoming performance is going to be amazing. She wished she could tell fans but of course, they would just have to wait. She also said that she is fierce and committed and that is she isn’t only a performer but also an incredible songwriter.

Meanwhile, Halsey posted a photo of herself with the singer in her Instagram Stories and said that this action is just mean and a form of punishment. She continued by saying that it is Swift’s grace and patience during this moment that made her Artist of the Decade.

Another celebrity and model, Gigi Hadid, tweeted by reminding Scott and Scooter to do the right thing and that Swift and her fans should be given the chance to celebrate her music. Meanwhile, comedian Mike Birbiglia tweeted that he stood in solidarity with all the artists out there who are trying to bring their work in its best for especially to their fans.

Many other celebs showed their support for Taylor Swift and this only proved you don’t mess around with the Artist of the Decade.