Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi Says Goodbye to Jershey Shore


Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi surprised fans and co-stars with her retirement from Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. She made the announcement during the Friday episode of her podcast It’s Happening with Snooki & Joey.

A source told PEOPLE that the production was aware of the fact that she was thinking of retiring but the cast was the most surprised. However, they understand her decision and how burned out she is and also wants to do something on her own.

The 32-year-old star said in her podcast that filming the show while being away from her children was really hard. She added how the show is getting so dramatic. She also said she didn’t like the character she was portraying. However, the source said that the roomies didn’t agree with some of her sentiments because for one, how can you complain of having drama when it’s a reality show in the first place. It wouldn’t have aired at all if there wasn’t drama.

The MTV Show, Jersey Shore, premiered in 2009 and based on her podcast, Polizzi said that leaving the show was the best decision for her at the present. She expressed her love to everybody in the show and said that she hoped they won’t hate her for her decision. She added that she won’t be coming back for season 4 of Jersey Shore in case there’s one.

She continued to saying that the main reason for her retiring is she couldn’t take it anymore. She has three children with husband Jionnie LaValle and being far from them while filming the show was hard. She admitted that she quits every time they film because she hated the idea of being away from her children and didn’t like partying for three days straight. According to her, it’s not her life anymore. She wants to be at home with her children.


Meanwhile, she explained that there has been too much drama and seriousness in the show. She didn’t like how the show turned out and also the person she portrayed. It was too much for the 32-year-old mother in her. She added that if she were to do a reality show, she wanted to be light-hearted and fun.

However, Nicole Polizzi insisted that she’s not saying goodbye to reality TV. She only needed to move on from the show because she didn’t like the direction where it’s headed.