North West Steals the Show at Dad’s Paris Fashion Week Runway


North West has already proved that she has her father’s talent. She stole the show at Kanye West’s Paris Fashion Week runway. The six-year-old wowed the crowd as she made her musical debut on Monday by rapping a song with catchy lyrics such as “This is my style”.

Kanye’s latest collection, which includes monochromatic designs, was one of the most anticipated parts of the event. Though his collection was impressive, it was North’s singing that made the show more memorable. Not only that but Yeezy’s website broadcast her performance live.

The fashion show was held at Espace Oscar Niemeyer and as the models walked down the runway in her dad’s latest fashion pieces, the six-year-old took center stage and started to rap to the delight of the audience.

So what was her dad’s reaction?  The 42-year-old rapper and designer was beaming with pride and joy as his daughter wowed the crowd with her performance. There was a time that Kanye walked onstage and stood by North’s side and smiled broadly as she continued her song.

But Kanye wasn’t the only one who felt proud about North’s performance at the Paris Fashion Week show. His wife, Kim Kardashian, was seated on the front row and was recording her daughter. She took to Instagram Stories to share the experience. Though this isn’t exactly their daughter’s first time to show off her vocals but it marked her debut solo performance.

North has actually been performing with her dad in their Sunday Services and even her younger brother, Saint West, also possesses their dad’s talent. He belted out a song with his sister and dad.

In addition to singing or rapping, North has her mom’s love for fashion. Kim shared many photos of her daughter’s unique fashion style. She also revealed how much North likes to dress up her friends and other family members. She took to Instagram to post a photo of North posing with her friends whom she “styled”.


North West sure has the genes of her mom and dad. She is definitely on her way to launching her singing career and at the same time join her mom in the fashion industry.