Pamela Anderson Ends 12-Day Marriage to Jon Peters, Calls Love “a Risk”


On Sunday, February 2, Pamela Anderson shared her thoughts on love by posting on Instagram one day after confirming that she finally ended her 12-day marriage with Jon Peters.

The 52-year-old actress posted a photo of her walking on the beach wearing a low-cut black dress. She captioned her photo by talking about love being a risk and a quote by Albert Einstein saying “Madness is always doing the same thing and waiting for different results.”

The Baywatch alum who’s been married four times for the past years posted a mysterious message on Twitter the following hours. The actress quoted author Sylvia Plath and talks about how she wants to be aware of everything that she has taken for granted.


On Sunday, February 1, the former Playboy model said that she and Jon Peters are ending their marriage after two weeks of swearing their vows in Malibu on January 20.  On the private ceremony, Anderson’s sons, Dylan Lee, 22 and Brandon Thomas Lee, 23, whom she shared with ex-husband Tommy Lee, and Jon Peters’ three children were on attendance.

On Saturday, she said that she appreciates the warm response of people to her marriage with Jon and asks support as both of them take their time apart from each other and reconsider things that they want in life. The actress added that life is a journey and love is a process. She then announced that both parties have decided to put off the formalization on their marriage certificate and put their faith in the process. She also thanked everyone who respects their decision at this time of their lives.

On the other hand, Peters shared a day after their wedding that he has set his eyes on the actress for a long time, whom he met in the ’80s at the Playboy Mansion. The A Star Is Born producer mentioned that Anderson never saw her full potential as an artist. He added that there is so much more in Anderson than meets the eye or he wouldn’t have loved her so much. Peters added that there are a lot of stunning girls everywhere, but for 35 years, it’s Pamela that he wanted. He added that she makes him wild in a good way and inspires him. He also said that he will protect her and treat her the way she deserves to be treated.


Peters was one of the people who helped Anderson’s career by paying for her voice, acting and dance lessons. Eventually, Anderson landed on her first-ever TV role on Home Improvement and on Baywatch.

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