Science Proves that Supermodel Bella Hadid Holds the Title of Most Beautiful Woman in the World


With so many gorgeous celebrities out there, it’s difficult to determine who is the fairest of them all. Fortunately, Science has found a solution and you’ll never believe who made it to the top. It turned out that supermodel Bella Hadid is the rightful lady to hold the title as the most beautiful woman in the world and Science has proof.

Science Proves that Supermodel Bella Hadid Holds the Title of Most Beautiful Woman in the World
Source: Instagram | @bellahadid

How Bella Hadid became the world’s most beautiful woman

How did they do that? It turned out that there’s a special scientific equation for “solving” beauty called the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi. It’s actually an old-fashioned formula that originated way back during the Renaissance. Despite being old, many are still using it to measure beauty today. In addition, it has been commonly used by several artists and architects in helping them create their masterpieces.

According to the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi, the 23-year-old supermodel was discovered as having 94.25 percent “accuracy” based on this equation, known to measure perfection physically. They measured her features such as her eyes, nose, lips, jaw, chin, eyebrows and the shape of her face. The result revealed that the overall measurement is closest to the idea of perfection among the ancient Greeks. Thus, just days after celebrating her 23rd Birthday Bella Hadid got another surprise.

Other celebrities on the list

So who else made it to the list? Beyoncé came in at second with a measurement of 92.44 percent followed by actress Amber Heard with a Golden Ratio of 91.85 percent. Singer Ariana Grande is in fourth place with 91.81 percent.

Meanwhile, songstress Taylor Swift also made it with a Golden Ratio of 91.64 percent. She was followed by Kate Moss with 91.05 percent and Scarlett Johansson who scored 90.91 percent. On the other hand, Natalie Portman is at eight place with a Golden Ratio of 90.51 percent. Katy Perry ranked ninth with 90.08 percent and Cara Delevingne completed the list with 89.99 percent.


This compilation was the result of computerized mapping techniques used by Dr. Julian De Silva, the facial cosmetic surgeon of Harley Street. He has been using the technology in his work.

Supermodel Bella Hadid was obviously the big winner after all the elements of her face were measured according to physical perfection. Who can argue with science?