Selena Gomez Has a Special Message to Her Fans That Will Melt Your Heart


Selena Gomez released her new album “Rare” and told a very inspiring message to her fans. The famous singer expressed her deep love for her supporters. According to her, they have contributed a lot to what she is right now. She showed her love for them not only because they love and support her but also because they have been with her on her journey. Selena also added that she feels sad every time she hears her supporters’ heartbreak.

Hearing how her music is able to change her fans’ lives was something Selena never truly understands. Selena added that she wants to be an inspiration for her followers that even an ordinary girl from Texas like her can do so much and so does anyone. She extended her love and concern for her fans wishing that she could somehow hug everyone and comfort them, telling them how precious a gem they are. She also believes that they are capable of anything.

Her love and concern for her fans became Selena’s inspiration and was a reason behind her newest album’s name. According to the singer, “Rare” is something that stunned her and stuck on her mind.

“Rare” is also something the singer can relate to. Selena noted that she had issues regarding her self-esteem in the past. She admitted that she was not that confident and it always felt like homework she was pursuing to overcome. Her encounter with “Rare” somehow made her feel a lot better.

The famous superstar confessed that “Rare” is a special word for her. According to her, people should always see their worth and how great and precious they are. She also added that everyone is important and valuable and rare.


After four years of waiting, her fans are excited and eager for her album. Through this, the singer wishes to tell her story and share her music for everyone to see how can there be so much for them. She also said that there are times where people tend to break you, letting you build your way and watching you crumble at the end but nevertheless you are wonderful. And no matter how difficult your situation is, you are on the right track.

Rare comes in two different editions: Standard [Explicit] and Rare [Deluxe].

Selena’s track “Lose You To Love Me” which is also featured on the album became Billboard Hot 100 chart no. 1 song for the first time in singer’s career.