Selma Blair Undergoes Chemotherapy for Her Multiple Sclerosis


Almost one year after Selma Blair was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, the actress found herself feeling like she was running out of options. The disease caused severe pain and made many physical activities difficult to do.

Selma Blair
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She said that the treatments she had undergone for her condition had been unsuccessful so far.

As the disease modifiers didn’t work for her, the 47-year-old actress found her body rapidly declining. She spoke about her illness in a panel at the TIME 100 Health Summit in New York City on Thursday.

While looking for treatment options, she was recommended to try to restart her immune system through aggressive chemotherapy and stem cell transplants. Blair felt wary about the treatment.

She initially had no intention of undergoing chemotherapy since she didn’t have cancer. She was worried that chemotherapy would further damage her body which was already weak from multiple sclerosis. The lack of options made her try out the therapy despite her reluctance.


She was given a microdose of chemotherapy drugs and a stem cell transplant. She said she felt immediate relief following the treatment. The effects made the treatment more appealing even though it was still risky.

She had been warned of the potential dangers of the therapy and said that she had been making her plans for death. She has also spoken to her son about it who expressed his desire to have her cremated. She had received a much higher dose than what is usually given to patients. The stem cell transplant will allow a person to survive the normally fatal dose of chemotherapy. Hopefully, it will be the cure to the MS.

Blair reports that the treatment went smoothly and that while she’s recovering, she isn’t completely well yet.

Selma Blair had been keeping her silence about her condition and her treatments because she wanted to speak more about it after her treatments result in success.

While she is also waiting for her hair to grow back, she says that it was a small concern. She was less concerned about her appearance and her ego and more interested in being able to stay with her son for as long as she can.