Shaquille O’Neal Speaks of ‘Heaven’s MVP’ in Kobe Bryant’s Public Memorial


Shaquille O’Neal always has a special place in his heart for his special teammate, Kobe Bryant.

On February 24, celebrities and fans gathered together at Staples Center for the celebration of life for the late basketball star, Kobe Bryan, and his daughter, Gianna Bryant, who died in an airplane crash last month. Many of those who spoke about Kobe came from the basketball community including his former teammates and friends. They talked about their fond memories of the basketball legend.

When it was time for Shaq to deliver his speech, he really knew how to put some humor into this celebratory moment. He started off by saying that Kobe was his loyal friend and referred to him as a true renaissance man. He joked about his very complex relationship with Kobe because they used to push each other while playing some of the best basketball games ever.

Shaq went on to say that there were times when they acted like immature kids. They also argued and fought though they never took it seriously. Honestly speaking, he and Kobe had a deep respect and love for each other. What made everybody laughed during his speech was when he told the audience about the time when Shaq had to ask Kobe to pass the ball more often when they were playing in their games. Jokes aside, Shaq paid respects to his extremely talented teammate and friend who impacted the lives of many on and off the court.

He shared that mamba was taken away too soon but that Kobe’s next chapter in life is only beginning. He said it is now time for them to continue his legacy. He also mentioned that Kobe said it himself that pressure, challenges and everything negative is just opportunities to rise. Shaq said that now is the time to take that advice and for them to rise from the pain and anguish of losing him and his daughter and begin healing.


Shaquille O’Neal continued on by saying that they got his back and he will look out for things. He joked that he promised not to teach his daughters his free-throw techniques. Moreover, he referred to Kobe as heaven’s MVP.

As reported before, celebrities have been paying tribute to Kobe Bryant ever since his tragic death.