Simon Cowell Dropped 20 Pounds With This Simple Diet


The most famous America’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell surprised his fans with a totally new look. When the British entertainer showed up in front of the talent show lovers for the 14th show’s season red carpet, his admirers were simply astonished by the trim figure of his. And all of this is thanks to a very simple diet.

Cowell reportedly dropped around 20 pounds over just few months. And all of that, with a simple vegan diet. The 59-year-old judge has completely cut out meat, dairy, wheat, and sugar. The trigger to that change was the fall he suffered because of a low blood sugar back in 2017. Since then Simon Powell decided to change his way of living, and to be honest with you, the way he looks now reflects that.

And while this might not fall under a category of extreme celebrity diets, it is quite a drastic change for the entertainer. In the Extra interview, Simon Cowell also said that his overall wellbeing has improved. He also explained further: “Once you get used to it, it’s easier. You feel better, my memory is better. So I didn’t find it difficult.”


And while Simon might have changed the food he consumes, one thing in his consumption pattern is still unchanged. He still can drink beer, since it is a vegan drink, if you think about it. “I can still have beer, so I’m happy,” Simon told the press.