Spectacular Aurora Borealis In Seattle, WA Night Sky


Aurora borealis is definitely one of the most spectacular views on Earth. Usually most people have to travel far North to get a glimpse of it and most cities in the US can never count on seeing it. Yet night owls in Seattle, WA got a special treat as Aurora borealis lit the night sky above the city.

The National Weather Service of Seattle tweeted the picture of it and said that the Aurora borealis was seen from the roof of their own building. It looks like a green ribbon of lights in the sky.

Answering the question from one of the Twitter users about why it looks like a circle and wether it is an alien spaceship NWS Seattle responded that it usually moves in circles and that they were lucky to see it in motion: “Auroral bands often move in interesting patterns. That’s just how the camera captured it. Sometimes the aurora is just a faint glow, but we got lucky this morning with some actual motion.

It is usual for the locals in Scandinavia, parts of Northern Canada, Alaska and Greenland to see Aurora, as is tends to appear closer to the North Pole. Yet, according to NWS, the interplanetary magnetic field is tilted South, thus making it visible even in Western Washington.


The Auroral activity was seen even despite the bright city lights, which is pretty unusual. Yet, the photo above is time exposure.

A lot of people seem to be really disappointed that they missed it, as this is a very rare phenomenon to be seen in Seattle. They even suggested for the National Weather Service to start sending out alerts to people so that they will not miss it next time.

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