Kylie Jenner Dresses Stormi as Her Mini-Me and Fans Don’t Like It


Kylie Jenner posted a photo of 20-month-old daughter, Stormi, wearing the mini-me version of her Met Gala look earlier this year.

Followers respond to Kylie Jenner’s post

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star shared the photo on Instagram and Twitter with the caption saying, “My baby!! I can’t handle this!!” In this photo, Stormi is wearing a recreation of her mom’s custom Versace ensemble.

The photo gained different reactions from netizens with one user saying the costume was very narcissistic while others said that Stormi didn’t look happy and based on her expression, she would’ve preferred something else than being dressed up as her 22-year-old mom.

One user tweeted that Stormi looked like she wanted to be one of the Paw Patrol characters while another mention she would’ve wanted to be Peppa instead. Further, a user also suggested that the little girl only wanted to be a princess for Halloween just like other girls her age.

On the other hand, there are also those who also loved Stormi’s costume. Sofia Richie, for instance, left a positive comment as well as heart-eyes emoji. Further, Chanel Iman, a model, said that Stormi looked adorable and cute.

Khadijah Haqq McCray also wrote: “Mommy’s baby 🤣”. And Kylie’s husband Travis Scott, with whom the model is currently separated simple commented with a ❤️ emoji under the post. And many fans started responding to the comment, asking the couple to get back together.


The story behind the dress

So what’s so controversial about this dress? In May, Jenner rocked this custom lilac Versace ensemble with e mermaid design, fur stole and a purple wig to match. She came up with the idea of recreating her outfit for Stormi with the help of Alejandro Collection. According to Alejandro Peraza, it was Jenner and Jill, her stylist, who came up with the idea. He said that beading alone took them 16 hours straight and another three full 14-hour days just to apply the feathers on the dress by hand. Further, the small clutch back took a day to design and to add the crystals. Meanwhile, most of the feathers were shipped to him while others had been hand-dyed.

The result? A couture costume for a baby in time for Halloween. It looked very close to the original and Peraza enjoyed doing it because it was a great opportunity for him. Kylie Jenner herself was very proud of the finished project based on the way she gushed about it, especially when Stormi wore it.