Supporting Friends Characters: Then and Now


secondary friends characters then and now

It’s been more than 10 years since Ross and Rachel finally got together leaving behind all their history, and still Friends undoubtedly remain the best television sitcom ever. We never get tired of laughing at Chandler’s stupid jokes and deep inside we still hope that Ross will wake up alone after his party with that ‘girl from a copy place’. Many of us would give up a lot to see them all together one last time in some kind of a Friends movie, but, let’s face it, they have all gone their own ways: we regularly see them starring in other movies and sitcoms, they appear in television shows, but they are not those 6 friends we used to know anymore.
And what happened to the minor characters like Gunther, Janice or Emily?


Gunther (James Michael Tyler)

Gunther Friends then and now

Tyler’s acting career started almost accidentally. He was invited to Friends sitcom to work as an extra behind the counter as he was working as a barista at that time. The day before the audition one of Tyler’s friends, a hairdresser, experimented with his hair. The experiment was not too successful and Tyler was left with the peroxide blonde hair. But when he showed up to the audience not only did he get the part but became the most frequent appearing Friends guest star.
After starring in Friends Tyler appeared in various roles on iCarly, Scrubs, and a few short movies. But looks like acting career is not the main goal of his life: he now does a lot of charity and considers himself a rock star writing tunes to play on his keyboard.