Taylor Swift and Kanye West Controversial Phone Call Leaked Online


Four years after Taylor Swift and Kanye West reignited their feud, an extended video of their so-called infamous call went viral on Twitter.

Looking back to 2009, it can be remembered that Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift on her MTV VMA speech. Seven years after, the rapper sparked another controversy with his song Famous. In his song, it contains lyrics talking about the feeling of him and Taylor might still having sex and how he called her the bitch that he made famous.

The two have talked over the phone regarding the song before it was even released and up until now, they still argue on what was actually discussed. Kim Kardashian, Kanye’s wife shared an edited video of Kanye on the call months after the song spread its wings on release. 

On Friday night, a 25-minute extended video of the rapper talking through the phone about Famous with Taylor Swift has leaked on Twitter. The video has circulated online and has created the hashtag #KanyeWestIsOverParty. However, the video’s authenticity was not verified and both Kanye and Taylor have not put down any of their comments.

On the extended video of the phone call, Kanye asks Taylor to post a tweet about his new single. The rapper says that the singer should add a very controversial line about her at the beginning of the track. Taylor then again asked Kanye if what would be the lyrics and asks him if it’s going to be a mean line.

Kanye responded that the line he was talking about is not mean. He added that when his wife heard the line, she thinks that it was something crazy. The line says, “To all my Southside ni—as that know me best/ I feel like Taylor Swift might owe me sex.”

The Lover singer let out a laugh and agrees that it was not mean. She added that she’s glad it’s not mean than what she expected. Moreover, Kanye asked Taylor if it would be possible for him to add another line on the later part of the song that says ‘I made her famous’.


Taylor replied that she thinks Kanye got to tell his story the way it happened to him and added that he doesn’t even know who she was before that. She added that even though she had sold 7 million albums before he did that, he honestly doesn’t know who she was and she’s fine.

On Saturday, Todrick Hall, Taylor’s BFF let out to Twitter how his heart breaks by hearing that phone call. He says that the fact his best friend even picked up the phone and wasted her time to put her ears on everything is just a proof of how great she is as a human.