Taylor Swift Celebrates Christmas Holiday with Joe Alwyn in England


Even the Artist of the Decade deserves a break from her busy schedule and this year, she gets to celebrate her Christmas holiday with boyfriend Joe Alwyn and his friends and family in England. It seems that the couple traveled from New York City just in time to celebrate Christmas in England. Alwyn supported the songstress during the premiere of Cats, where she starred together with a powerful all-star cast. They were seen showing some sweet PDAs after the movie premiere and just a few days after the Grammy winner celebrated her 30th birthday with Alwyn and her celebrity buddies like Blake Lively and husband Ryan Reynolds, Gigi Hadid, Martha Hunt, Halsey, Camilla Cabello and more.

Taylor Swift
Image: JStone/ Shutterstock

Taylor and Joe spent the holidays in England where she got to spend some quality time with his family and friends. In addition, some of Taylor’s family members from Nashville also went there to spend some time with them together. She will be staying with Joe even after her family leaves.

The couple had been going out for three years now and they’re relationship continues to grow stronger each day and lately, they have been spending a lot of time in his hometown. They even celebrated Thanksgiving together in London last month.

Although she’s been spending most of her free time in London, she doesn’t go out very often. She likes to walk around with Joe and visit some of his family members and friends. They had some people come over for visits or they visited the homes of his relatives all weekend. The singer is very close to Alwyn’s parents and brother and she likes seeing them often. As for now, there’s nothing big happening between the two. They just like the simple life in London and visiting their loved ones.


Swift has been spending her Christmas holiday in London but she will be back in the United States by January. The superstar singer was nominated for the 2020 Golden Globes under the category Best Original Song for her Cats song entitled “Beautiful Ghosts”. It’s not yet confirmed but there’s a possibility that she’ll be in attendance during the awarding ceremony on January 5, 2020.