Taylor Swift Congratulates Newlywed Couple for Lover-Themed Wedding


Taylor Swift fans have many ways of expressing their love and loyalty to the singer but it was Erin Seeherman who went overboard and had a Lover-themed wedding that didn’t only catch the attention of her fellow Swifties, but that of the singer herself.

The Lover-themed wedding showcased how Taylor Swift and her music played an important role in her love story. She said that it was a huge deal that Swift herself noticed her unique wedding theme. The bride posted photos of her wedding on Twitter and Swift tweeted her congratulations to her and her husband, Moshe Berman.

Seeherman could still remember what it was like to hear the exciting news. She said she was driving home on Wednesday when she received several alerts on her phone. She didn’t bother with them until two of her friends and fellow Swifties called her at the same time to break the good news.

She pulled over and was in shock for a few seconds knowing that the celebrity took notice of her efforts in pulling off that Lover-themed wedding. She said that she and her husband were very happy enough to have that kind of wedding and knowing that Swift noticed it was like something unexpected. She added that she was incredibly grateful because Swift takes the time to interact with fans like her.  

So how did the couple go about their Lover-themed wedding? According to them, the event program matched the cover of the Lover album, complete with the lyrics on the inside. They also have a flower wall, flower arrangements in rainbow colors place cads with origami paper rings and paper butterflies and more. Meanwhile, Seeherman accessorized by wearing sparkling heart-shaped earrings. The couple also had their first dance as husband and wife to “Lover”. They also played popular Taylor tracks throughout dinner and reception.


On the other hand, the parents of the newlyweds very much approved of their theme. The bride said her parents know how passionate she is about Taylor Swift and how much she loved recreating something to be fun and atmospheric.

Getting a congratulation from Taylor Swift is something every Swifty should be happy and proud of. Seeherman said that the singer has been an inspiration to her and her music had created an impact in her life.