Taylor Swift Makes the Best Cat Impression


Taylor Swift isn’t only good at singing and creating music but also in acting. The Artist of the Decade showed off her best cat impression during an interview with Capital FM on Sunday, December 8.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift | Attribution: David Shankbone [CC BY 3.0]

The no. 1 music station in the UK took to Twitter to interview the Artist of the Decade about her music and her role in the upcoming musical, Cats. She treated her fans with her purr-fect impersonation of a cat. She said she filmed the movie last year and it was the best time of her life. She admitted she’ll never have much fun like that again in her life. She explained how she had to go to work, and put on spandex leotard. She also made some cat noises to prove her point.

After this, the songstress shared some points on how to channel one’s inner cat. She demonstrated by cupping a hand near the face and then gently graced it over the cheek and say “meow”.

The singer also talked about sidestepping into acting, after all this isn’t the first movie she appeared in. Her music videos for one already showcased not only her talent as a singer and songwriter but also her skill in dancing and acting. One of the most unforgettable movies she was in was Valentine’s Day with her ex-boyfriend and actor Taylor Lautner.


So is she thinking of being an actress? She said she has no idea yet based on her interview with British Vogue. According to her, people used to ask her when she was little on what she will do in 10 years. She said she tried to answer but later on as she grows older she realized that wisdom is learning how dumb people are compared to how much they’re going to know. She added that she had an amazing time filming Cats and she loved its weirdness. According to her, she loves how she’ll never be able to get the same opportunity to be like in her life.

Taylor Swift is definitely one of the many reasons why people are looking forward to watching Cats which will premiere on December 20.