Taylor Swift’s BFF Slams Kim Kardashian in Instagram Rant


Just recently, the internet was awakened by never-before-seen footage of Taylor Swift and Kanye West’s infamous phone conversation in 2016. Though Taylor and Kanye didn’t really address the issue yet, Taylor’s BFF Todrick Hall just can’t keep his silence.

On Monday afternoon, the pop star took to Instagram to share her take on the topic. On her statement, Taylor said that instead of giving answers to everyone asking her how she feels about the leaked footage, which proves that she was telling the truth all along, she pointed out something that matters more. Taylor linked out to the World Health Organization and Feeding America which are organizations helping out those who have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

As a response, Kanye West’s wife, Kim Kardashian accused Taylor of lying and manipulating the circumstances. And now, friends, fans and family of the individuals involved in the issue have been taking sides. Khloe Kardashian showed her support on Twitter for her sister.

On the other hand, Taylor’s BFF, Todrick Hall slammed Kim Kardashian. In his IG Story, Hall pointed out Kim’s Ray J video and how she publicly showed off every crevice of her vagina. With that, he doubts that Kardashian would be embarrassed to respond to his rant. He also claimed that Kris Jenner was probably the one responsible for leaking the full phone call.

Moving on to the phone call, Todrick said that the leaked video already speaks for itself. According to him, Taylor was clearly uncomfortable with the situation. He added that after publicly embarrassing the pop star twice on national television, he pointed out that the phone call should be finding its way to the management or should be given a professional contact.

Todrick continued on to share two points. First is that nobody should give permission without even hearing the song and second is that they even failed to mention they were going for a life-sized nude figure of the pop star in bed with Kanye West on that video.


Moreover, Todrick also called out Kim Kardashian for comparing Taylor’s Miss Americana documentary to the leaked video of the phone call, given that Taylor asked for permission before including anyone on the film. As he toned down on his discussion, Todrick explained why he’s on Instagram. He said that he couldn’t just sit down and let Taylor’s name be dragged all over the mud again. He added that it’s never cool to be on this kind of situation and no one would ever want that.