Taylor Swift’s Publicist Speaks Up Against Kim Kardashian’s Claim


Tree Paine, Taylor Swift’s publicist is re-sharing her unedited statement on Kanye West phone call controversy.

During the weekend, a leaked video of the full version of Taylor Swift’s conversation with Kanye West has spread all throughout the online world. Four years before, it can be remembered that his wife, Kim Kardashian has posted on Snapchat clips of the conversation. On the said conversation, the rapper talked to Taylor regarding his upcoming song “Famous”. In the song, there were lyrics that talked about Taylor Swift and one line says “I made that b-tch famous”.

Through the years, the songstress has maintained her statement that she was never aware of the lyrics while Kanye, on the other hand, claimed that both parties have discussed the lyrics.

In 2016, Tree Paine, Taylor’s publicist released a statement that said Kanye did not call for Taylor’s approval but to ask her to release his single on her Twitter account. Moreover, the pop star declined and told him to take a bit of caution about releasing the song as it has a strong misogynistic message. On the statement, it was also made clear that the pop star was never made aware of the actual lyrics of the said song.

With the leaked video of the extended version of the call spreading on the internet, the online community noted that the line in question was really never discussed with Taylor. As a result, many have taken the pop star’s side and the hashtag #KanyeWestIsOverParty became viral.

On Monday, Taylor took to her social media account to post on what really matters at this moment. Instead of discussing what she felt regarding the leaked video, Swift encouraged her fans to help and donate on the coronavirus relief efforts to aid those who have been affected by the pandemic.

On the other hand, Kim Kardashian defended her husband by saying that Taylor Swift was lying. She also said that by the time the conversation happened, the song has not been fully written yet. She added that Taylor manipulated the truth of their actual conversation on a statement released by her team. Further, she took his husband’s side by saying that he has all the rights to document his musical journey and the process of making his songs, comparing it to what Taylor recently did on her documentary Miss Americana.


As a response to Kim Kardashian’s statement, Taylor’s publicist re-shared her original statement and said that it’s editing when you take the parts out, referring to Kim’s claims. Paine also questioned the KKW beauty if who did they piss off to leak the extended footage.