The Rescue Dog Cracks Everyone Up With Hilarious Impressions


Bacon is not just a rescue dog. He is a new internet sensation. His Instagram account @thebaconator has more then 16 000 followers already, and you should definitely check it out. The dog’s owner posts photos of many and many of Bacon’s impressions and cleverly writes a caption to each one of them.

As it says in the account description, Bacon is a Peke/Doxie/Chi who is on a border grumpy and cute. His funny beard is never to be touched. And it seems like he lives together with a dog friend.

Bacon clearly shows that not only people are capable of expressing themselves with facial muscles. Dogs are just as much able to do that. Here are just some of our favorite Bacon expressions with original captions.

1. This is me pretending to care about a coworkers story

Dog pretending to care

2. It’s Friday and I’m ready to party (apparently without my ears)

Dog Friday ready to party

3. When someone brings Lima beans to your 4th of July cookout

Dog July 4

4. PUPdate: he loved the cake!

Dog Birthday

5. Give Monday the side eye it deserves

Dog Monday

6. I just peed on all the mailboxes!!! 😛

Dog peed on mailboxes

7. Saturday’s are for the boys… rubbing your belly

Dog Saturday rubbing belly

8. What do you mean I’m adopted

Dog adapted

9. Happy tongue out Tuesday! 👅I’m pretty excited to bark at squirrels, wind, and lizards today hope you are too!

Dog Tuesday bark at squirrels

10. I am the last Jedi

Dog Jedi

*All image credits: @thebaconator

These are just some of the best instagram posts that we absolutely love. Make sure to check out the profile and find your favorites though.