The Weirdest Wedding Traditions From Around the Globe


Celebrating weddings is one of the most universal traditions around the globe: practically every culture, be that a nation or a small community, has its own, sometimes absolutely unique, way of celebrating this stage of a human’s life. Wedding traditions differ from culture to culture, yet there is one common feature that makes them all a little alike: no matter what religion they practice, people all get incredibly superstitious when it comes to a wedding. Here is the list of the weirdest wedding customs from around the world that, people believe, bring happiness for a married couple. And do not even think of hearing about something old-something new-something borrowed-something blue or throwing a bouquet, this is way too banal, we have something more exciting for you.

1. Délicieux Toilette La Soupe: France

Délicieux Toilette La Soupe


Be ready to hear one of the grossest things you could think of. On the wedding day, after all the ceremonies and celebrations are over, the guests collect all the drinks and food leftovers from the wedding table add put them into the toilet bowl in the couple’s room. The guests will not leave unless the newly wedded drink the cocktail straight from the bowl. This is believed to give the couple fuel to have a powerful night of love after a tiring day. Today the leftovers are often substituted with chocolate and champagne, yet the toilet bowl stays in any case. Well, the French have always been hard to understand, but what makes them believe that after drinking this disgusting stuff from a toilet bowl the groom will even think about kissing the bride?