The World’s Most Tattooed People


1.Rick Genest

Rick Genest

Better known as  Skullboy, or Zombie Boy, Rick Genest is a famous actor, musician and fashion model from Montreal, Canada. He used to be an ordinary man years ago, before something really extraordinary happened in his life: he was diagnosed with brain cancer. And though everything ended up well eventually, the six months on  the waiting list before the surgery must have had quite s serious effect on Rick’s perception of the world.


It was about that time when he decided to change his cosy home for rooftops and dumpsters, he started living under the bridges and using hitchhiking as his main transportation means. And it was then that he started tattooing himself. His tattoos are not random, they are intended to look like a real skeleton. Although this may look scary for someone, his unusual body print has actually help him build a stunning career: he is always a desired guest at different fashion shows, music videos and even movies.