These Celebrities Are the Kindest Tippers Out There


Ever wonder what happens when celebrities dine out? Well, they’re just like anybody who loves to eat delicious food and try a variety of dishes. But one thing that sets them aside from regular customers is the fact that they can be very generous to those who serve them. Below you’ll find some of the most generous celebrity tippers:

Donnie Wahlberg

Donnie Wahlberg started the new year by leaving a $2,020 tip for an IHOP serve after having a meal at one of the chain’s Illinois locations and having a $75 bill. The star’s heartwarming deed got approval from his wife, Jenny McCarthy, as she posted a photo of the receipt on Twitter with a caption “2020 Tip Challenge.” She called her husband an ‘amazing man’ for doing such a good deed.


The singer was in New York City before the Grammy Awards 2020 and celebrated her nominations and a friend’s birthday at Brooklyn Chop House. According to a source, H.E.R.’s table was filled with delicious dishes including salt-and-black pepper lobster, chicken satay and Beijing chicken. The singer with her big heart left a $1,000 tip to show her appreciation to the staff of the said eatery.

Jamie Foxx

After having a break up with his long-term girlfriend Katie Holmes in November 2019, Jamie Foxx dropped by Brooklyn Chop House with approximately 30 friends and enjoyed until 5 in the morning. The Django Unchained actor left a $2,000 tip after having a good time at the restaurant.

Harry Styles

The former One Direction member took Wahlberg up on his challenge. Harry Styles left a very generous tip after having a meal with James Corden and Adele while having a vacation in the Caribbean after New Year’s Day 2020. On an Instagram post by a waiter that served the celebrities, their meal cost about $500 but Harry left a tip of $2,020 and wrote “Happy New Year” on the receipt.

Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan was in a very generous vibe when he dined at Carmine’s Italian Restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper West Side in August 2019. The Saturday Night Live alum paid the bartender $100 to watch over his $2 million worth Bugatti which was parked on the street. A source also shared that the comedian left a generous tip for his waiter after having a delicious overflowing meal.

Jimmy Fallon

Although not really a tip, Jimmy Fallon decided to pay it forward after dining with his wife Nancy Juvonen at II Mulino restaurant in the Hamptons in September 2018.  Enzo Lentini, the restaurant’s manager shared that the stars picked up the table for four people seated near them for letting the celebrity dine in peace. Fallon walked over to the party of four, thanked them for giving the celebrity privacy and he wanted to do something for them. The manager also mentioned that Fallon and his wife are usually very generous when it comes to tips and gives 30-40% to the waiters.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen dropped by at Outback Steakhouse in Ohio in October 2017 and left the waitress a generous amount of $1,000 tip. Mikayla Scott, the waitress, was shocked and overwhelmed with what the star had done.

Amy Schumer

In March 2016, when the comedian saw Hamilton on Broadway, she showed her appreciation to the bartenders who worked during the show. With her $77 dollar worth of drink orders, she left an overwhelming $1,000 tip.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp delighted a waiter at Chicago’s Gobsons Steakhouse in June 2019. The Pirates of the Caribbean star left behind a whopping $4,000 tip after enjoying a meal with his friends in a private room. The waiter named Mohammed A. Skehani shared that Depp may be one of the famous actors out there but he is very humble and really cool.


There you have it. These celebrities aren’t only excellent entertainers but they also have a big heart.