These Hollywood Heartthrobs Can Speak Other Languages


Can’t get enough of Hollywood’s heartthrobs? Well just so you know, our favorite leading men are not just looks, they’re also pretty smart. This is based on how many of them can speak more than one language.

Ben Affleck amazed fans when he told Kelly Clarkson on her show The Kelly Clarkson Show that he can speak Spanish. He said that he learned to speak the language when he was 13 and shooting a TV series in Mexico. Many fans were surprised but frankly, he is not the only actor who can make your heart skip a beat by speaking in different languages.

There are other Hollywood charmers who can converse in more than one language and one of them is the Jurassic World actor, Chris Pratt. He studied German for three years though he said he is a bit rusty. He admitted he’s not very fluent in German but he can definitely crack a dirty joke or two using the language.

Another Hollywood heartthrob who can speak not one but five languages is Tom Hiddleston. In addition to English, the Thor actor can speak French, Spanish, and Italian. He also learned Greek while he was at Cambridge studying classics.

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Meanwhile, Bradley Cooper proves he is a man of talents. He studied French during his college days at Georgetown University. He was part of a six-month exchange program in Aix-en-Province, France which was instrumental to his being able to communicate using the language even today.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is not just another handsome face because aside from being a very good actor, he also has another talent under his belt. In addition to English, the actor is a pro at speaking French. That’s because he studied French Poetry at Columbia University.


Who doesn’t know Timothée Chalamet and his sexy accent? His name alone is proof he doesn’t only speak English but fluent in French too. He has a lot of exposure to the language while growing up and that’s because his dad was born in France. Meanwhile, his sister lives there at the present.

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A singer and actor rolled into one, Darren Criss studied at L’Accademia dell’Arte in Arezzo, Italy. He can speak several languages such as Japanese, Filipino, Spanish, and a little bit of French.