Things You Need to Know About Kobe and Vanessa Bryant


Amidst the news of the basketball superstar’s death, many are wondering about the family he had left behind, especially his wife. Vanessa Bryant is broken-hearted because of the unfortunate news regarding her husband, Kobe Bryant, and her second eldest daughter Gianna. Last Sunday, January 26, the helicopter which was carrying the basketball legend and her 13-year old daughter crashed, leading to the unexpected death of the two as well as the seven other passengers.

Vanessa and Kobe have been together for almost two decades since they tied the knot last 2001. They have four daughters; Natalia the eldest at the age of 17, the recently deceased Gianna, Bianka three years old and seven-month-old Capri.

Kobe met the model and dancer way back 1999 on the set of Snoop Dog‘s “Tha Eastsidaz”. Kobe then pursued Vanessa sending her flowers and picking her up on her old high school. Later Vanessa continued her studies at home. After two years of dating, they said their vows at a catholic church in California. In 2011, their marriage was on rocks when Vanessa filed divorce papers saying that they have irreconcilable differences. However, after two years Vanessa cleared that they have already talked and called off the split up through an Instagram post. She announced that both of them have reconciled and they are looking forward to the future together.

This was also confirmed by the NBA superstar through his Facebook post. He told everyone that they were moving on as a family and was happy that they were finally together again. Kobe was then very grateful for all the support and prayers for their family.

Vanessa conceived her eldest daughter in 2003 however suffered a miscarriage before she gave birth to Gianna due to an ectopic pregnancy. Nevertheless, Vanessa brought up her daughters well together with Kobe.


The couple were considering the idea of another baby and was planning to expand their family. According to Kobe, Vanessa wanted a baby boy more than he did. Kobe revealed how happy he was because of his daughters and so is Vanessa. Kobe added that Vanessa wants to have a boy so that he can be a mama’s boy. He also said that, she kind of challenged him if he could give her a baby boy. Unfortunately, that’s one thing people will never find out.