Tom Hanks Says Thanks to the “Helpers”


Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson tested positive for coronavirus and yet despite being in their recovery while in isolation in Australia, the actor is full of gratitude.

He posted on Instagram on Sunday by channeling his character, Mister Rogers, in the film A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood which was released last year. He gave thanks to the Helpers and reminded everybody to take care of themselves and each other. In that movie, his character was advised by his mom to “look for the helpers” whenever he is in trouble.

In addition, the 63-year-old actor also posted a picture of a plush kangaroo with an Australian flag in one hand together with two pieces of toasts with Vegemite spread. People were amused at the amount of the Australian delicacy on his toasts.

The Oscar awardee revealed confirmed last week through a post on social media that he and his wife tested positive for the coronavirus. According to him, they had body aches as well as slight fevers. He was doing a pre-production for his latest assignment in Australia while his wife was on tour. Many fans were shocked about his announcement. Other celebrities sent their well-wishes to the Hollywood couple.

And true to his word, he was able to keep everybody updated on their latest status. Like what he said last week, they will follow the advice of experts while taking care of themselves at the same time. Their son also posted an update on the couple last weekend assuring everybody that they have nothing to worry about because his parents are doing fine.  

Many people have already self-isolated at home in order to minimize the risks of having and spreading COVID-19. Just like in Hanks’ post, many “helpers” also stepped up to help those in needs. They offer a glimmer of faith and hope.


For instance, there are volunteers around the world who gathered and delivered food to those who can’t leave their homes, especially the elderly. Other even volunteered to babysit for those who have to go to work but don’t have day care centers or schools where they can leave their kids.

Meanwhile, many celebrities and rich individuals also donated money for coronavirus relief efforts.