Tom Hanks’ Vegemite Toast Sparks Online Debate


Tom Hanks just started a debate online and it was all because of a photo he posted on his Instagram on Sunday.

The actor is presently in Australia where he and his wife Rita Wilson are presently recovering from coronavirus. The two tested positive from COVID-19 last week and he assured his fans he will keep them posted and so he did.

The 63-year-old actor posted a picture of toasts with Vegemite, obviously his meal during that time. He expressed his gratitude to everybody by saying thanks to the Helpers. Many fans saw the photo and took to social media to express their thoughts specifically about the Vegemite he used to spread his toast.

Jane Caro tweeted that the Vegemite he spread was way too thick. She gave her own tip by saying that Vegemite toast should be composed of 1/3 Vegemite to 2/3 of butter. She also said to add smashed avocado.

Meanwhile, TV host Michael Rowland also said he put too much Vegemite while Gordon Ramsay noticed that his toast is missing bitter.

However, others didn’t mind the Vegemite proportions on his toast. Actor Daniel MacPherson told Hanks not to listen because the thicker the spread, the less time he will spend in bed.

Meanwhile, his son Colin also joined in the debate. He said he had been telling his dad for years that he puts way too much Vegemite in a piece of toast.

Hanks and Wilson complained about flu-like symptoms last week and decided to be tested. It turned out, they were both positive for Coronavirus. And just like any responsible citizens, they followed the advice of doctors and they were isolated. Presently, the couple is on their way towards recovery. The multi-awarded actor is currently in Australia working on an Elvis Presley-inspired movie while his wife was touring Down Under.

Many celebrities already expressed their support and love for the Hollywood couple. There were those who couldn’t believe what happened to the couple while some simply extended words of encouragement and love.


In the meantime, many studios already postponed their movie releases in line with the coronavirus pandemic. On the other hand, celebrities have been sharing how they protect themselves from COVID-19 hoping fans can learn from them, too.