Top 10 #10yearchallenge Internet Posts


7. Anne Hathaway

10 years, is it? It’s a good thing Anne did not link those photos to years, this could be a fun game guessing which is which. Instagram users commenting the post just cannot believe there is a 10 year gap between the two photos, she clearly looks exactly the same.

8. Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson, although as beautiful as ever, has definitely underwent some style changes. Her body, on the contrary, remains as flawless as back then when she was 10 years younger.

9. Global Warming

The challenge is now not only about how people look, for many it is a chance to make a statement about something really important and draw everyone’s attention to the need to make global changes for the sake of the Earth survival.


10. Funniest memes from the web

And of course, like any other global Internet movement, the 10 Year Challenge had something to just laugh at: